David, Ovid, COVID, the QRIC, Three Als and Six Losing Bookies Tickets in a Row

Gee poor old David Vandyke had a Barry Crocker of a weekend didn’t he?

It was crook from the get go, when half a dozen serious looking QRIC types bowled in uninvited before the crack of dawn to have a yarn, and then decided to hang around all morning and watch the play.

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It’s a bit hard to encourage your spiritual horses to run faster through yoga, meditation, chanting and aromatherapy sessions when there are a whole bunch of badge sporting ruffians hanging around the place isn’t it?

They must have been on overtime these QRIC folk too, for I even hear that they followed the young buck’s trucks all the way down the highway, onto the Gateway Motorway and to the track, which was very nice of them I thought, because the taxpayer picking up the security tab relieved Allo Allo Edresz of the burden of paying for the men in black, or being sent an invoice anyway.

The announced visit from the hep QRIC cats must upset some of DVD’s spiritual dogs and set them off barking, which in turn frightened the horses and affected their performance on Saturday and Sunday too, for poor old Dick wasn’t able to take a trick.

Six losers in a row is hardly a run of outs by the trainer’s standard, but our adopted Queensland pride and joy is no ordinary boy. This prodigal son is number 1 training gun in the whole land, a T.J. Smith on speed chasedwith a couple of straight shots of C.S. Hayes pills washed down pins of J.B. Cummings and Coke, who – until the weekend – was kicking home a winner every two starters.

He was out of luck this weekend though, and the whole racing industry is in mourning for the loss of his 50% winning strike rate, and the reduction of his winner to placed runner percentage to just 77.8%, well below what we’ve come to recently expect from the trainer of spiritual horses who encourages them to run faster by quoting the dead Latin poet who ovaries that need to dealt to with Altrenogest are named after.

I wouldn’t get too down if I was DVD though, for there are far worse things in life than leading in half a dozen losers.

Things like finding surveillance cameras and bugs that your new friends have left behind in little nooks and crannies in your truck and in your stable.

Anyone know the Latin for don’t you worry about that?

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