All We Need Now in Queensland are the Swastikas

The AMA slams online trolls and bullies, in an online article written in defence of the greatest bully in Queensland. Go figure that logic out, if you can.

So now, according to the Australian Medical Association, people in Queensland are not allowed to criticise the decisions of a non-elected health bureaucrat whose decisions are affecting us all.

The next thing you know the State Government will be passing laws introducing life imprisonment in a self-funded isolation cell in a hotel basement for anyone who dares utter the Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young’s name in anything but the most glowing of terms.

The AMA in Queensland, we have a very, very straightforward policy. We believe in the science of the Chief Health Officer. We believe that Queensland should follow the advice of the Chief Health Officer and if she says the border should stay closed, we think they should stay closed

Isn’t that comforting?

The members of the principal Medical Association that has a huge influence and say on all health-related matters of life and death trusts implicitly in the word of one woman, a minor doctor who has worked her way through the ranks of the public service by shuffling papers and ticking boxes instead of being squirrelled away in a lab trying to find a vaccine that could save millions of lives, or being out on the ground saving them at the front line.

No research, no evaluation, no critical analysis of any facts, no debate, no dissent. Not even from the people we trust with out lives.

Just blind faith in the infallibility of a single political appointment by the Government to a leading position in the public service.

Bugger me. Why don’t save the public a hundred million now by shutting down all the laboratories kn Queensland and demolishing all the medical schools, and replacing them with a simple ‘How to Doctor Patients’ handbook written and published by St Jeanette of the Brisbane River?

You know what this smacks of don’t you?

Nazi Germany.

A reich where dissent is not tolerated, where truth becomes a lie, where to ask a simple question or debate an issue becomes a crime.

The next thing you know they will ban dancing in public, put up Berlin style walls and check points on the borders, and lock us up in our homes, and there will be Storm Troopers roaming the streets arbitrarily effecting violent arrests on young women who dare step outside to take their babies for a walk in the sun.

What’s that Mum?

They already have?

There already are?

Heil Hitler, full of grace.

Please bless this wretched place.

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