Jay, Jay, Jay – Looks Who’s Back – How’s Your Mother Son?

A bloke named Jay Bellamy started training racehorses last month, and yesterday in race 1 at the Gold Coast he trained his first winner with just his fifth runner.

It’s a great start to Jay Bellamy’s second career in racing, and congratulations to him too.

Second career you say?


I reckon he’s the same Jay Bellamy that used to train and drive trotters a few years back. The bloke involved in one of the most blatant race fix betting stings ever seen on a Queensland track.

What happened was that Bellamy, another driver named David Turner, and a part-time racecaller cum pro punter called Lucas Sullivan conspired to fix a race at Albion Park by doping one up, putting it in the lead, lobbing the horses Bellamy and Turner were on two and three wide outside it to block any other horse from trying to come around, and then letting the leader run the slowest times in modern memory up front, rendering it unbeatable when it finally went full belt on the turn.

They backed the damn thing from $14 into $3.50, and collected six figures when it lobbed, and the bookies paid out their dirty scammed cash before the Steward’s sprung them.

Bellamy and Turner got scrubbed for 4 years, the caller cum punter copped life, and the owner of one of the hot horses who was in on it got 6 months.

Remarkably, a year later the Magic Man Murdoch QC somehow got Bellamy off on appeal, and if I was the client I’d be lighting a candle to my barrister’s brilliance every night and in the morning too, for Jay Bellamy was as guilty as sin, and probably twice as guilty again.

He’d be a good horseman though, that’s for sure. because his old man Carl trained Max Brydon, the champion QLD pacer of the 70’s who was the great rival of the other great champ of the era Peter Profit, the sixty something times Albion Park winning pacer that this website is named after.

Jay Bellamy’s Mum could go a bit too. Angie Burke was her name, and she was a topliner in 80’s who drove more winners that most reinsmen had hot dinners. She was also a bit of a hot dinner herself in the looks department too, if you will pardon me for being cheeky.

His uncle Pete the greyhound form wizard is a good bloke too.

Whoever said there are no second acts in this great racing play?

Jay Bellamy has proved them wrong.

He’s done his time even though he got out of the crime, and he should be allowed to have another crack at it after making a very stupid, greed driven youthful mistake of magnitude.

Here’s a tip for him.

Keep your nose clean this time son.

The air smells a whole lot better when its pure.

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